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        It is a mandatory to pass in NEET Exam -2020 to get admission to MBBS,BDS and other Ayurvedic and Homeopathic courses.This exam includes question from Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Class XI and XII NCERT Syllabus.
      The Central and State Governments have now issued a curfew to keep civilians at home due to the outbreak of deadly Corona Virus, COVID-19. In this safe situation of Quarantine,most of the medical aspiring students are restricting themselves in the lockdown period  by staying home and preparing for NEET-2020 by online classes  or through the Study materials in their hand. In this situation ,Hello Madras Daily proud to  help the students to score high marks  in a easy way by providing analytical and comparative notes in Biology with collaboration with 
Mr.R.Soundarapandian, MSc, MEd, MPhil, 
PG Asst Zoology Sir 
MCTM Boys Higher Secondary School, 
Purasawalkam Chennai-84.


1.Examples for membraneless Organelles: 
Ribosomes,Centrosomes, Centrioles, Microtubules,Basal bodies and Microfilaments

2.Examples for Single membrane  bound organelles:
Vacuole, Lysosome,Golgi bodies, Endoplasmic reticulum (RER and SER), Peroxisomes and Sphaerosomes.

3.Double Membrane Bound Organelles:
Mitochondria, Chloroplast and Nucleus.

4.Nick names of Cell Organelles:
Power Houses of the cell -Mitochondria,Protein Factories of the cell - Ribosomes, Ribosome Factory- Nucleolus, Suicidal bags of the cell(or) Garpage man of cell(or) Digestive sacks of the cell- Lysosomes, Site of Photosynthesis-Chloroplasts, Stacks of sacks-Golgi Bodies, Cytoskeleton of the cell -Endoplasmic reticulum, Delivery trucks of the cell- Vesicles,Brain of the cell- Nucleus, Assistant to Nucleus -Centrosome, Gate keeper of the cell-Cell membrane or plasma membrane

5.Examples for Insectivorous plants(or) Carnivorous plants which lives in Nitrogen deficit area.
Nepenthes (Pitcher plant), Drosera (Sundew plant), Utricularia (Bladder wort), Dionaea (Venus fly trap), Sarracenia (Trumpet pitchers), Darlingtonia (Cobra plant), Brocchinia reducta, Aldrovanda vesiculosa (Water wheel plant), Cephalotus (Australian pitcher plant ), Catopsis (Powdery strap airplant ) and Byblis (Rainbow plant).

6.Examples for special mode of nutrition in plants
*Saprophytic angiosperms - Monotropa (Indian pipe) and Neottia (Bird's nest orchid) 
*Total stem parasite - Cuscuta (Dodder), 
*Total root parasite - Rafflesia,Orobanche and Balanophora
*Partial stem parasite - Viscum (Mistletoe) and Loranthus,
*Partial root parasite  - Santalum album (Sandal wood tree).

7.Examples for Gram Positive Bacteria
*Clostridium and Lactobacillus.

8.Examples for Gram Negative Bacteria
*Rhizobium and 

9.Examples for Mangrove plants with Respiratory roots or Breething roots (Pneumatophores) with Pneumathodes having negatively geotropic property.
*Acanthus and 

*Feb 2                   :  World Wetland Day
*March 3              :   World Wildlife Day
*March 21            :   World Forest Day
*March 22            :   World Water Day
*April 22              :   World Earth Day
*May 22               :   World Biodiversity Day
*June 5                :.   World Environment Day
*June 8                :    World Ocean Day
*July 1 to 7         :    Van Mohotsav Day
*August 10         :    Biofuel Day 
*September 16   :    World Ozone Day
*December 5     :    Word Soil Day .

Mr.R.Soundarapandian, MSc, MEd, MPhil, 
PG Asst Zoology Sir 
MCTM Boys Higher Secondary School, 
Purasawalkam Chennai-84.

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