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1.Number of Bones= 206
2.Number of Muscles= 639
3.Number of Kidneys = 2
4.Number of Milk Teeth= 20
5.Number of Ribs= 24 (12 pair)
6.Number of Heart Chamber= 4
7.Largest artery = Aorta 
8.Normal blood pressure =120/80mmHg( Systolic pressure 120 mm Hg, 
   Diastolic Pressure 80 mm Hg)
9.pH of Blood = 7.4
10.Number of vertebrae in the Spine= 33
11. Number of vertebrae in the Neck= 7
12.Number of Bones in Middle Ear= 6
13.Number of Bones in Face= 14
14.Number of Bones in Skull= 22
15.Number of Bones in Chest= 25
16. Number of Bones in Arms= 6
17.Number of Muscles in Human Arm=  72
18. Number of Pumps in Heart= 2
19.Largest Organ= Skin
20.Largest gland= Liver
21.Biggest cell female = Ovum
22.Smallest cell male = Sperm
23. Smallest Bone = Stapes in Ear
24.First transplanted Organ= Heart 
25. Average length of Small Intestine= 5 -7 metres long
26.Average length of Large Intestine=  1.5m
27. Average weight of new Born baby= 2.6kg
28.Heart beat(Pulse rate in One Minute= 72 times)
29.Normal body temperature= 37 C° (98.4 F°)
30. Average Blood Volume = 4 to 5 liters in female and 5-6 litres in male
31. Life Span of RBC= 120 days in males and 110 days in females
32. Life Span of WBC= 10 to 15 days
33.Pregnancy Period (Gestation period)=  280 days (40 week)
34.Number of Bones in Human Foot = 33
35.Number of Bones in each wrist = 8
36.Number of Bones in Hand= 27
37. Largest Endocrine gland =Thyroid 
38.Largest Lymphatic Organ= Spleen
39.Largest part of Brain = Cerebrum
40.Longest and Strongest Bone =Femur 
41. Smallest Muscle =Stapedius (Middle Ear)
41. Number of Chromosome=46(23 pairs)
42.Number of Bones in new Born baby= 306
43.Viscosity of Blood=4.5 to 5.5
44.Universal Donor Blood Group= O
45.Universal Recipient Blood Group= AB
46.Largest WBC= Monocyte
47.Smallest WBC= Lymphocyte
48. Increase in RBC count called = Polycythemia.
49.Blood Bank in the Body is =Spleen 
50.Non Nucleated Blood cell is= RBC
51.RBC produced in the = Bone Marrow 
52.River of Life is called = Blood
53.Normal Blood Cholesterol level= 250mg/dl (dl=deciliter)
54.Fluid part of Blood is = Plasma
55.Normal fasting blood glucose level is  = 70 to 100mg/dl
56.Normal Blood Sugar level after meal is = 140 mg / dl.
57.Positive waves in Electrocardiogram (ECG )= P,R and T waves.
58.Negative waves in Electrocardiogram (ECG)= Q and S.
59.Decrease in RBC count is called = Anaemia
60.Increase in WBC count is called= Leukemia ( a kind of blood cancer)
61.Decrease in WBC count is called = Leukopenia.
62.Water content in a new born child = 85 to 90 %.
63.Water content in young adult= 55 to 60 %
64.Normal Body Mass Index range for adult is (BMI)= 19 -25
65.The daily secretion of saliva ranges from 1000 to 1500ml
66.Weight of cerebrum in brain= 1400 in males and 1200 in females.
67.Count of RBC= about 5.2 million per cubic millimeter(range :4.2 to 5.8 million)
68.Count of WBC= about 4.5 million/mm3(range 3.6 to 5.2 million)
69.The smallest Leucocytes are Lymphocytes and the largest leucocytes are Monocytes.
70.Countings of WBC Cells: 1) Neutrophils (60 -70%),2) Eosinophils (0.5-3.0%),Basophils(0.1%), Lymphocytes (20-30%),and Monocytes (1-4%).
71.The life expectancy of Blood platelets or Thrombocytes is = 5-9 days
72.Total number of lymph nodes = 600
73.pH value of saliva is = 5.4 to 7.4
74.pH value of  pancreatic juice = 7.8
75.An average ,a healthy human breaths = 12-16 times/minute.

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