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*CHIPKO MOVEMENT (or) CHIPKO ANDOLAN = 1)The tribal women of Garhwal Himalayas protested against the exploitation of forests in 1972.
2)Later on it transformed into Chipko Movement by Sundarlal Bahuguna in Mandal village of Chamoli district in the upper Alaknanda Valley in 1974.
3) People protested by hugging trees together which were felled by a sports goods company.
4)It is a Non-violent movement as Satyagraha done by both male and female activists from Uttarakhand including Gaura Devi,Suraksha Devi,Sudesha Devi,Bachini Devi,Chandi Prasad Bhatt and Virushka Devi.
5)Main aim of Chipko Movement was to give a slogan of five F's- Food,Fodder,Fuel,Fibre and Fertilizer,to make the communities self sufficient in all their basic needs.

*APPIKO MOVEMENT= It is the southern version of Chipko Movement (hug the trees) started by Pandurang Hegde in September 1983 at Gubbi Gadde ,a small village near Sirsi in Karnataka.The objectives are 1)to protect the existing forest cover 
2)to regenerate trees in denuded lands and 3) to utilise forest wealth with due consideration to conservation.

*JOIN FOREST MANAGEMENT (JFM)= 1)In 1980's The Government of India introduced this concept by realising the significance of participation by local communities for protecting and managing forests.
2)In return for their services to the forest, the communities get benefit of various forest products (e.g., fruits,gum,rubber, medicine,etc)and thus the forest can be conserved in a sustainable manner.

1) He was born in 1963 popularly known as The "Forest Man of India",is an environment activist has single-handedly planted a forest in the middle of a barren wasteland.
2)This Forest Man of India has transformed the world's largest river island,Mahuli,located on one of India's major rivers,the Brahmaputra,into a dense forest.
3)This dense man made natural forest ,home to rhinos,deers, elephants,tigers and birds.
4)In 2015, he was honoured with Padma Shri,the fourth highest civilian award in India 
5)He also received honorarary doctorate degree from Assam Agricultural University and Kaziranga University for his contributions.

1)She was a brave lady from Khejarali village of Jodhpur District, Rajasthan.She sacrificed her life on altar of Bishnoi Dharma.
2)Incident took place in  year 1730 in which to save green trees Khejri(Prosopis cineraria) being felled by the Maharaja of Jodhpur at place known as Khejarali in Marwar ,Rajasthan.3)To commemorate her bravery ,the Government of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have initiated the prestigious state level award named as "Amrita Devi Bishnoi Smriti Award"for excellent contribution to the protection and conservation of wildlife.

*=Dr.M.S.SWAMINATHAN= Dr.Mankombu Sambasivan Swaminathan is an Indian Scientist  known for his leading role in India's Green Revolution.His research on potato, wheat,rice and jute are well known plant breeding experiments.Due to his efforts the wheat production Increased from twelve million tonnes in 1960's to seventy million tonnes now.He has produced Sharbati Sonora of wheat variety by mutation.He is aptly called as the "Father of Green Revolution in India.

*Dr.G.NAMMALVAR = Dr.G.Nammalvar (1938-2013) was a Tamil agricultural scientist, environmental activist and organic farming expert.He founded Nammalvar Ecological Foundation for Farm Research and Global Food Security Trust (NEFFFRGFST-Vanagam) to create  public awareness about the benefits of organic farming.

1)Mr.Jeyaraman,hails from Adirangam village in Tiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu.
2)He was a disciple of Dr.Nammalvar and state coordinator of  "Save our rice campaign,Tamil Nadu.
3)He strived hard for conservation of traditional rice varieties.He had trained a team of farmers and regularly update them on the current issues that affect them.
4) In a Seed festival conducted by him in May 2016 at Adhirangam Village , 156 different traditional paddy varieties were distributed to more than 7000 farmers across Tamil Nadu.
5)In 2011,he received the State Award for best organic farmer for his contribution to organic farming ,and in the year 2015,he received the National Award for best Genome Savior.

Mr.R.Soundarapandian, MSc, MEd, MPhil, 
PG Asst Zoology 
SIR MCTM Boys Higher Secondary School, 
Purasawalkam Chennai-84.

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