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*Osteology= The study of the structure of bones.
*Myology= The study of the muscular system, including the study of the structure, function and diseases of muscle.
*Hematology= The study of blood,blood -forming organs and blood diseases.
*Odontology=The scientific study of teeth.
*Mammalogy= The scientific study of mammals.
*Oceanography= The scientific study of the physical,chemical,and biological features of the ocean.
*Pedology= The scientific study of soils in their natural environment.
*Edaphology=The scientific study deals with the influence of soils on living things,particularly plants.
*Virology= The study of Viruses
*Bacteriology= The study of Bacteria
*Oncology= The study and treatment of tumours
*Mycology=The study of fungi
*Psychology= The scientific study of the mind and the way that people behave.
*Phycology(or) Algology= The scientific study of algae
*Ornithology= The study of Birds
*Herpetology= The study of amphibians and reptiles.
*Vermiculture= The cultivation of earthworms, especially in order to use them to convert organic waste into fertilizer.
*Ichthyology=The study of fishes
*Dendrochronology=The scientific study of detecting the age of plants by dating growth rings of plants.
*Dendroclimatology= The study of climate and atmospheric conditions during different periods in history from wood.
*Pomology= The study of fruits and the science of fruit -growing
*Neuropsychology=The scientific study of brain's structure and function.
*Ophthalmology= The branch of medicine and surgery which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders.
*Endocrinology= The study of endocrine system.
*Bryology= The study of Bryophytes.
*Lepidopterology= The scientific study of moths and the three superfamilies of butterflies.

Mr.R.Soundarapandian, MSc, MEd, MPhil, 
PG Asst Zoology 
SIR MCTM Boys Higher Secondary School, 

Purasawalkam Chennai-84.

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