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*Apiculture= The rearing of bees
*Entomology=The study of Insects
*Microbiology= The study of microbes
*Sericulture= The rearing of silkworms
*Pathology=The study of diseases and their Control.
*Taxonomy= The study of classification of organisms
*Silviculture=The study of management of useful forest.
*Palaeontology= The study of fossils
*Physiology= The study of functions of various organs.
*Morphology= The study of external features of an organism.
*Anatomy= The Study of internal structures of living organisms.
*Olericulture=The study of cultivation of vegetables.
*Ecology= The study of relationship between organisms and environment.
*Genetics=The science of heredity and variations
*Histology= The study of tissues.
*Teratology= The study of birth defects or malfarmations .
*Cytology=The study of structure and functions of cells and their organelles.
*Limnology=The study of fresh water bodies like lakes ,ponds and streams .
*Zoology= The study of animals.
*Botany = The study of plants.
*Biology= The study of living organisms.
*Immunology=The study of resistance of organisms to infection.
*Eugenics=The study of factors related to improvement of human race by improving germplasm.
*Euthenics= The study of factors related to improvement of human race by improving environmental factors including health, effective nutrition and education.
*Euphenics= The scientific study of making phenotypic improvements to humans after birth, generally to affect a problematic genetic condition.
*Dendrology(or)Xylology=The study of the characteristics of trees,shrubs,Lianas, and other woody plants.

Mr.R.Soundarapandian, MSc, MEd, MPhil, 
PG Asst Zoology 
SIR MCTM Boys Higher Secondary School, 

Purasawalkam Chennai-84.

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