Hello Students: DAY- 14 Evening Coffee with NEET


*Father of Modern Evolution= Charles Darwin
*Father of Natural Selection= Charles Darwin
*Father of English Geology= William Smith
*Father of Modern Palaeontology=Georges Cuvier
*Father of Modern Embryology=Karl Ernst Von Baer
*Father of Tissue culture= Harrison
*Father of Genetics= Gregor Johann Mendel
*Father of Modern Genetics= W.Bateson
*Father of Experimental genetics= T.H.Morgan
*Father of biochemical genetics=Archibald Garrod
*Father of Eugenics= Francis Galton
*Father of Endocrinology= Thomas Addition
*Father of Genetic Engineering= Paul Berg
*Father of Gene Therapy=Anderson
*Father of Taxonomy= Carolus Linnaeus
*Father of Biochemistry= Justus VolLiebig
*Father of Antibiotics=Alexander Fleming
*Father of paleobotany= Adolphe -Theodore Brongniart
*Lalaji Singh = Father of Indian DNA Fingerprinting
*Father of Finger printing= Dr Alex Jeffreys
*Father of Green Revolution of India= Dr M.S.Swaminathan
*Father of Green Revolution in the World= Norman Borlaug
*Father of Tissue culture= Gottlieb Haberlandt
*Father of Tissue culture of India = Shri Panchanan Maheswari
*Father of Vermicomposting Technology of India= Dr Sultan Ahmed Ismail
*Father of Agronomy= Peter De -cresenji
*Father of Biodiversity= E.O.Wilson
*Father of plant physiology= Stephen Hales
*Father of Bryology= Johann Hedwig
*Father of Indian Mycology= Sir Edwin John Butler
*Father of Mutation= Hugo de Vries

Mr.R.Soundarapandian, MSc, MEd, MPhil, 
PG Asst Zoology 
SIR MCTM Boys Higher Secondary School, 

Purasawalkam Chennai-84.

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