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*Steps involved in finger printing :
1) Extraction of DNA
 2)Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) 3)Fragmenting DNA
 4)Separation of DNA by electrophoresis 5)Denaturing DNA 
7)Using probes to identify specific DNA 8) Hybridization with probe 
9) Exposure on film to make a genetic/DNA Fingerprint.

*Fields of application of finger printing :
1)Forensic analysis 
2)Pedigree analysis 
3) Conservation of wild life 4)Anthropological studies

*Golden rice is :
A transgenic rice having gene for b-carotene

*Silencing of a gene could be achieved through the use of :
RNAi only and Antisense RNA only

*The correct statement regarding Retrovirus :
An RNA virus that can synthesize DNA during infection.

*GEAC stands for :
Genetic Engineering Approval Committee

*C-peptide of human insulin is :
Removed during the maturation of pro-insulin to insulin.

*Which part of the tobacco plant is infected by Meloidogyne incognita?

*Which kind of therapy was given in 1990 to a four -yeared old girl with adenosine deaminase(ADA) deficiency?
Gene therapy.

*The correct sequence (or ) steps involved in the production of humulin :
1) Synthesis of gene for human insulin artificially 
2) Insertion of human insulin gene into plasmid 
3) Introduction of recombinant plasmid into E.coli 
4)Culturing  recombinant E.coli in bioreactors 
5) Extraction of recombinant gene product from E.coli 
6) Purification of humulin.

*Critical research areas of biotechnology are :
1) Providing the best catalyst in the form of improved organism usually a microbe or pure enzyme
2) Creating optimal condition through engineering for a catalyst to act
3) Downstream processing technologies to purify the protein organic compound.

*Significance of 'heat shock' method in bacterial transformation is to facilitate the :
Uptake of DNA through transient pores in the bacterial cell wall.

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