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24.When was Environment Day observed for the first time?=1972
25.The Air prevention and control of pollution Act came into in =1981
26.Kyoto Protocol was endorsed at =CoP-3
27.On which date International Day for Biodiversity is observed?=May,22
28.When is World Environment Day observed?=5th June
29.Good ozone is found in the = Stratosphere
30.Bad ozone is formed in = Trophosphere
31.What type of supermarket bag is more eco-friendly?=Paper
32.When do we celebrate Earth Day? April 22
33.Who wrote 'Earth Anthem?=Abhay Kumar
34.When and where was the Environment Day Anthem launched?=India,2013
35.When is World Forestry Day is celebrated?=21st March
36.What is the most common type of debris that litters our oceans?=Cigarettes
37.What percentage of the planet's land is covered by forest?=30
38.Antarctic region has a large area of thinned ozone layer(less density area),is commonly called as = Ozone hole
39.Which is the most trafficked mammal in the world currently in 2020?=Pangolin
40.Which is the country has the highest biodiversity?= Brazil
41.Expand IUCN= International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
42.Who prepared Polyblend and created Haryana Kisan Welfare Club?= Ahmed Khan
43.Which is referred to as"lungs of the planet Earth"?= Amazon rain forest.
44.Which are the endangered plant species of India?=Rauvolfia serpentina,Santalum album(Sandal wood)and Cycad beddomei.
45.Which institute has developed cost effective package for vermi activity ?=BERI
46.Which is the National aquatic animal of India?
River Dolphin.
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