Hello Students: DAY- 19 Morning Coffee with NEET



1.The main source of water pollution is = Sewage water.
2.Which chemical is associated with Bhopal gas tragedy?=Methyl isocyanate (MIC)
3.In which city the Butterfly Conservation Society is located ?=Hyderabad
4.How many Biodiversity HOTSPOTS are in the world as per ENVIS?= 35
5.How many hot spots biodiversity in the world have been identified till date by Norman Myers?=34
6.How many Biodiversity HOTSPOTS are in India as per the survey of ENVIS?=4
7.IUCN is renames as :=WCU(World Conservation Union,Morges Switzerland).
8.Examples for Coextinctions:1)Orchid bees and forest trees by cross pollination,2)Calvaria tree and the extinct bird of Mauritius Island,the Dodo.
9.Modern ex-situ conservation includes=Cryopreservation techniques,in vitro-fertilization and propagation of plants by using tissue culture methods.
10.Joint Forest Management Concept was introduced in India during:= 1980s
11.When is World wildlife Day is celebrated?=3rd March
12.Nuisance growth of aquatic plants and bloom-forming algae in natural waters is  generally due to the high concentration  of = Phosphorus and Nitrogen
13.The major cause of loss of numbers of migratory birds is=Urbanisation
14.The world's most problematic aquatic weed is = Eichhornia crassipes
15.The expanded form of DDT is =Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane
16.In the context to India's wildlife,the flying fox is a= Bat
17.The green scum seen in the fresh water bodies is = Blue green algae and Green algae
18.Sacred groves are especially useful in=Conserving rare and threatened species.
19.Which was the first book to set the stage for society to change in becoming more environmentally aware?=Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
20.Eutrophication of water bodies leading to killing of fishes is mainly due to the non availability of = Oxygen
21.Which state of India,Valmiki National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is located ?=Bihar
22.Acid rain is caused by the increase in the atmosphere concentration of= SO2 and NO2
23.Largest share in global mangrove areas are found in?= Indonesia

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