Hello Students: DAY- 21 Evening Coffee with NEET



21.The plant produces largest fruit is:
= Lodoicea maldivica
22.The plant with longest pollen grain is :
= Zosteria
23.The plant produces biggest pollen is :
= Mirabilis
24 The plant produces very smallest pollen :
= Myosotis
25.The plant with longest style is :
= Maize ( Zea mays)
26.The world smallest flower is :
= Wolffia microscopica (or) Wolffia arrhiza
27.The plant produces largest flower :
= Rafflesia
28. Plants produces longest inflorescence :
= Agave (12m) and Amorphophallus(5.5m)
29.Which plant liberates pollen grains as clouds of yellow powder and commonly called as "Sulphur shower " (or) "Sulphur rain"? :
= Pinus
30.Sessile leaves ( leaves without petiole)are found in :
= Calotropis
31.The plant with opposite decussate phyllotaxy is :
= Calotropis
32.Red colour of ripened tomato is due to :
= Chromatophore
33.The plant used to treat Jaundice is :
= Phyllanthus amarud
34.The plant has the anticancerous property is :
= Vinca rosea (or) Catharanthous roseus
35.The fastest growing plant in grass family is :
= Bamboo
36.Which is a Baker's Yeast ? :
= Saccharomyces cerevisiae
37.What is Kelp?:
= Brown algae rich with Iodine.
38.Which algae is commonly called as "Pond Silk " (or) "Water Silk"?
= Spirogyra 
39.Which plant bark provide antimalarial drug Quinine ?:
= Cinchona
40.Which Vitamin sources not found in plants ?
= Vitamin B12.

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