Hello Students: DAY- 21 Morning Coffee with NEET



1.Stamens are branched in :
= Ricinus (Castor)
2.One sepal of the flower is very much enlarged and leafy:
= Mussaenda
3.Anthers are Sagittate or arrow head like  in :
= Vinca
4 .The funnel shaped stigma is found in : 
= Incrocus
5.The persistant wheel -like stigma is found in :
= Papaver(Poppy)
6.Compound pollen grains are found in :
= Mimosa
7. Angiosperm families Double Fertilization and Endosperm formation does not occur:
= Orchidaceae,Podostermonaceae and Trapaceae
8.Flowers of  Erythrina are pollinated by:
= Squirrels and Cows
9.Intercalary inflorescence is found in :
= Callistermon(Bottle brush)
10.Adventitious roots are formed from flesh reproductive roots in :
= Sweet potato
11.The plant with single leaf :
= Monophyllea
12.Hardened petiole is found in :
= Quisqualis
13.The whole leaf is modified into spine in:
= Berberis
14.The plant with longest leaf ,nearly 10 to 15 meters is :
= Raphia vinifera
15.The largest leaf with diameter of 1.8 meters is :
= Victoria amazonica
16.Petiole of this plant is hollow,tubular or fistular:
= Carica papaya
17.The plant with largest inflorescence (approximately 32 feet) of the world is :
= Puya raimondii
18.The plant with petaloid bract is :
= Bougainvillea
19.Plant with smallest seeds:
= Orchid
20.The plant with largest seed weighing about 6Kg:
= Lodoicea maldivica(Double coconut)

Mr.R.Soundarapandian, MSc, MEd, MPhil, 
PG Asst Zoology 
SIR MCTM Boys Higher Secondary School, 

Purasawalkam Chennai-84.

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