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26.Which  layer is morphologically homologous to the endodermis found in the root ?
= Starch sheath of Dicot stem
27.Which is a protein that prevents blood clotting ,secreted by Mast cells?
= Heparin
28.Which are extra chromosomal,self replicating ds circular DNA molecules ?
= Plasmids
29.Which is a reconstructed plasmid and mostly widely used as cloning vector?
= pBR 322 Plasmid (4361 base pairs are found,p denotes plasmid ,B and R respectively represent the names of scientists BOLIVER and RODRIGUEZ who developed this plasmid)
30.Which are called as "Molecular scissors"?
= Restriction endonucleases ,which are used to cut or cleave or nick the DNA into fragments.
31.Give examples for Exonucleases:
= Bal 31 and Exonuclease III.
32.Give examples for Endonucleases used to break the internal phosphodiester bonds within a DNA molecule:
= Hind II , EcoRI , Pvul, BamHI and TaqI.
33.Which is referred to as "Molecular paste" used to join the cut ends of ds DNA during Genetic Engineering?
= Ligase
34.Who putforth the Ten percent law ?
= Lindeman,in 1942
35.Who was introduced the concept of Ecological pyramids?
= Charles Elton
36.Which is a Blue green algae (Cyanobacteria) commonly used as Single Cell Protein( SCP) in tablet forms?
= Spirulina
37.Which are commonly called as "Stop codons" (or)"Termination codons"(or) Non-sense codons to halt the protein synthesis?
38.During transcription holoenzyme RNA polymerase binds to a DNA sequence and the DNA assumes a saddle like structure at that point.What is that sequence called?
= TATA box (or) Pribnow box (non - coding DNA sequence) 
39.In which plant , TAYLOR conducted the experiment to prove semiconservative mode of chromosome replication?
= Vicia faba,the Broad bean.
40.Who was first demonstrated Cellular totipotency?
= F.C.Steward
41.Good Ozone and Bad Ozone are found respectively in which layers?
= Stratosphere and Troposphere
42.Which bacterium is a common indicator of water pollution?
= Escherichia coli ( E.coli)
43.Which are most suitable indicators of SO2 pollution in the environment ?
= Lichens
44.Which is a First man- made cereal with hexaploid nature(an allopolyploid)?
= Triticale
45.In which one , Dr Norman Boraug and Dr M.S. Swaminathan are associated ?
= Green revolution
46.Where is International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) is located?
= Los Banks,Philippines
47.Which is referred as " Start codon" (or) "Initiation codon" and it codes for the aminoacid METHIONINE (Met in Eukaryotes and fMet in Prokaryotes)?
48.Which are the pyrimidines?
= Cytocine, Thymine (found in DNA) and Uracil( found in RNA)
49.Which is a convoluted membranous structure of plasma membrane found in Prokaryotes like bacteria perform the cellular respiration just like mitochondria in Eukaryotes?
= Mesosome
50.who was coined the term Green Revolution?
= William S.Gaud in 1968.

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