Hello Students: DAY- 22 Morning Coffee with NEET



1."Who has identified ""Jumping Genes" (or) " "Walking Genes"(or) "TRANSPOSONS" (or) " Transposable elements "(TEs) ?:
= Barbara McClintock
2.What are "Junk DNA"?
=Regions of DNA that are not- coding
3.Why does introns of DNA are significant  while do not encode protein products ?
= Introns are integral to gene expression regulation and also allow for faster evolution.
4.Who was invented Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) in 1985?
= Kary Banks Mullis
5.Who has first invented and used DNA fingerprinting technology ?
= Sir Alec Jeffreys
6.Which are the memraneless Organelles found in a cell?
= Ribosome,Cell wall and Centrioles
7.Which Organelles that contains DNA?
= Nucleus, Mitochondria and Chloroplast
8. Which are called as "Semi autonomous Organelles"?
= Chloroplast and Mitochondria (due to the presence of DNA)
9.Where from the Acrosome of a sperm is derived ?
= Golgi apparatus
10.Which organelles are involved in Autolysis?
= Lysosomes
11.Which mineral deficient area,the Insectivorous plants are growing ?
= Nitrogen
12.Which kind of plants ,Vivipary is noticed?
= HALOPHYTES ,the Mangrove plants (Eg: Rhizophora,Bruguiera,Ceriops,Kandelia,Nypa,Aegiceras and Avicennia)
13.What we call the negatively geotropic respiratory roots are commonly found in mangrove vegetation like Rhizophora?
= Pneumatophores = Due to high salinity in water ,Special aerial roots are produced to get oxygen from the atmosphere ,(Pneumathodes are the pores found in respiratory roots)
14.What is a spongy tissue found in EPIPHYTES like Vanda,Clivia and Orchids to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and rain water ?
= Velamen
15.What we call the plant with mesophyll differentiated into upper Palisade and lower Spongy parenchyma?
Dorsiventral leaves (Eg: Dicot leaves )
16.What we call the plants with undifferentiated mesophyll?
= Isobilateral leaves ( Eg: Monocot leaves)
17.What is Tonoplast ?
= Membrane covering of a Vacuole of a plant cell 
18.What is Symplast ?
= A continuous network of interconnected plant cell protoplasts
19.What we call the space outside the plasma membrane within which materials can diffuse freely ?
= Apoplast
20.Which is a Gymnosperm exceptionally found with Xylem vessels ?
= Gnetum
21.What is the role of Bulliform cells (or) Motor Cells found in upper epidermis of monocot leaves?
= Folding and unfolding of leaf tissue to get light and to reduce water loss
22.Which plant gives commercial cork ?
= Quercus suber
23.Which is a complete ( or ) total stem parasite?
= Cuscuta
24.Which plant family stems have Bicollateral vascular bundles?
= Cucurbitaceae (Eg: Cucurbita)
25.Which is a innermost cortical layer of Dicot and Monocot root ?
= Endodermis 

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