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9.Why the, Hymen layer in female reproductive system is not an indicator of women's virginity?
= Usually the hymen layer is often torn during the first coitus or physical union.But it can be torn due to sudden fall or during physical activities such as cycling ,horseback riding etc.

10.Why doctors recommend breast feeding during initial period of infant growth?
= The milk produced during the initial few days of lactation is called Colostrum which contains Antibody Ig A to give immunity.

11.How does polyspermy is prevented?
= After the entry of only one sperm,the Fertilisation membrane is formed around the ovum preventing further penetration of sperms.

12.Why the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is more suitable for production of recombinant interferons than E.coli?
= Because E.coli does not possess the machinery for glycosylation of proteins.

13.Why is "Rosie" cow milk better than milk of normal cows?
= The milk of transgenic cow "Rosie" produced in 1997 rich in Human Alpha Lactalbumin ,2.4gm / litre, nutritionally balanced food for new born babies.

14.What for bacterium Thermus aquaticus is used in PCR?
= Thermus aquaticus is a bacterium which can tolerate high temperatures.The first DNA polymerase enzyme was isolated from this and used in PCR for DNA amplification.

15.What are  " Mule " and " Hinny" .Why they are sterile ?
= Offspring produced by the cross of male donkey and female horse results in Mule whereas ,the offspring formed from a cross between male horse and female donkey is Hinny.They are sterile due to chromosomal incompatibility (A horse has 64 Chromosomes , and a donkey has 62.)

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