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1.Why the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is more suitable for production of recombinant interferons than E.coli?
= Because E.coli does not possess the machinery for glycosylation of proteins.

2.Why the Bacteria and Amoeba are immortal?
= Because there is no natural death in single celled organisms like Amoeba and Bacteria because parental body is distributed among the offspring.

3."Fertilisation is not an obligatory event for fruit production in certain plants".How?
= Seedless fruits are developed in plants like Papaya,Grapes,Pine apple,Guava and Pomogranate by the application of plant hormones and not by natural Fertilization.

4.Why "Vegetative reproduction is also a type of asexual reproduction"?
= Just like asexual reproduction ,here also there is no involvement of two parents.

5.what is the reasons for failure of fruit formation in rose?
= Roses,being vegetatively propagated do not need to produce seeds,and also plants may not produce viable pollens.

6.Why does the zygote begin to divide only after the division of Primary Endosperm Cell (PEC)?
= The Zygote need nourishment for its division and development.

7.Which is referred as "Store house of the sperms"?Why?
Epididymis stores the sperms in male reproductive system of human and helps in sperm maturity and motility.

8.Why the scrotum of human hangs outside the abdominal cavity?
= To provide a temperature 2 or 3 °C lower than the normal internal body temperature ,to develop the functional sperms.Thus scrotum act as a "Thermoregulator" for spermatogenesis.

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