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7.How the degree of obesity is assessed?
= It is by Body Mass Index (BMI).A normal BMI range for adult is 19-25.
BMI is calculated as body weight in Kg, divided by the squares of body height in meters.
       For example,a 50Kg person with a height of 160 cms would have a BMI of 19.5.
That is BMI = 50/1.6² = 19.5

8.It is advised not to talk or laugh louder while eating?
= Because the food we eat might enter the Wind pipe(Trachea),other than of entering the Food pipe( Oesophagus).

9.Why breathing rate in fish is higher than humans ?
= Because fish is  breathing through gills.Air has around twenty times more oxygen than water does,and water is also heavier than air,so it is harder to move into the fish's gills.

10.Why do some people snore?
= Breathing with a hoarse sound during sleep is caused by the vibration of the soft palate.Snoring is caused by a partially closed upper air way(nose and throat)which becomes too narrow for enough air to travel through the lungs.This makes the surrounding tissues to vibrate and produces the snoring sound.

11.Which prevents the lungs from collapsing?
= The SURFACTANTS are the thin non- cellular films made of protein and phospholipids covering the alveolar membrane.The surfactant lowers the surface tension in the alveoli and prevents the lungs from collapsing.

12.Breathing through nose is better than(healthier than) breathing by mouth.Why ?
= The hairs inside nostrils filter any microbe in the air and it lets the clean air pass through.The air gets warm and humified as it passes into our bodies, making it less shocking to our systems.Each nostrils takes part in filtering,warming , moisturizing, dehumidifying ,and smelling the air.
       Lungs can extract oxygen from the air we breathe primarily on the exhale.Because the nostrils are smaller than the mouth,air exhaled through the nose creates back pressure when one exhales.Work of lung movement would get doubled.

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