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10.Which is the "Pace setter in the heart " (or ) "Pace maker of the heart" ?
= The cardiac impulse is initiated in the SA Node ( Sino atrial node) also known as natural pace maker.From here the impulses carried through AV Node , Bundle of His and Purkinje fibres to the ventricles.

11.Which is referred as " Personality Hormone " ?Why?
= Thyroxin is known as "Personality Hormone". The thyroxin play a vital roles in digestion,heart and muscle function,brain development,physical development and maintenance of bones.In the absence of thyroxin,physical and mental well being status is affected.

12.Which blood group is" Universal donar"? Why?
= The person having Blood group "O-" is called as Universal donar due to the complete absence of antigens "A" and "B"  in their blood.So , during emergency transfusions,blood is received from "O- " people ,which has the lowest risk of reactions to the persons who receive it.

13.Why persons with "AB +" blood group are called as "Universal recipients"?
= People with  "AB +"Blood group type are called as "Universal recipients" because they have no abitibodies to "A"  and "B" antifens.

14.Which blood group is the rarest in ABO Blood Group system ?
= Generally ,"AB- negative " is considered to be the rarest  blood type.

15.Which is a " Universal blood donar " blood group?
= The Plasma of both "AB " positive and negative blood group may be transfused to anyone regardless of blood type.

16.Why the right kidney is lower than the left kidney ?
= Because of the location of the liver.The Kidneys usually extend from the level of the Thoracic 12 to  Lumbar 3 Vertebrae.The right kidney lies 1-2 cm lower than the left.

17.Which is referred as " Vital knot"?
= Medulla oblongata is called "Vital knot".This controls various autonomic nervous system functions including respiration, digestion, heart rate ,functions related to blood vessels, swallowing,and sneezing.

18.Why is the medulla oblongata the "Automatic pilot "?
= Because medulla oblongata regulates heart beat and breathing events that occurs automatically by the autonomic response system.

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