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1.Why Mast cells are called as "Multi - functional master cells"?
= Mast cells are found in connective tissues below the epithelial surfaces ,the mucosal surfaces of the gut and lungs,in the skin and around the blood vessels.Mast cells releases Histamine  and cause the symptoms of allergy.

2.Why Spleen is called as " Emergency Blood bank inside the human  body "?
= Because ,spleen able to holds the reserve storage of blood and used in haemorrhagic shocks and being as largest lymphatic organ removes blood born antigens.

3.Why Spleen is called as "Graveyard of RBC's"?
= Because after the completion of life span(120 in males,and 110 days in females)  , RBC'S are destroyed in spleen where they are ingested by free macrophages.About 2.5 million of RBCs are destroyed in one second .

4.Why the leucocytes are called as " Soldiers of our body"(or) the " Police force of our body"?
= Because leucocytes or WBC provide immunity by destroying or killing foreign pathogens and antigens and therby provide protection from diseases and infections.Lymphocytes are involved in production of antibodies and Neutrophils and Monocytes are involved in phagocytosis (or) cell eating.

5.Which antibodies are able to cross the placenta?
= Maternal IgG Antibodies is the only antibody class that significantly crossess the human placenta and provide protection to the infant .

6.Which antibody will work in our body immediately after the entry of pathogens or antigens?
= IgM produced by vertebrates are the largest one which gives first immunity response to the foreign bodies like pathogens or antigens.

7.Which immunoglobulin is found in human Colostrum and meant to provide immunity ?
= Immunoglobulin A ( Ig A)  is the major immunoglobulin in human Colostrum and abundant Immunoglobulin in  milk.

8 which Antibody (or) Immunoglobulin is functionally significant in mucosal membranes ?
= The amount of IgA production in mucosal membranes is very significant ,and this is also enriched in tears ,saliva,sweat ,Colostrum and secretions from the genitourinary tract , gastrointestinal tract,prostrate and respiratory epithelium.Ig A plays a crucial role in the immune function of mucous membranes.

9.Which is the most severe form of malaria ?
=  Falciparum malaria(Malignant Tertian Malaria)  is the most severe form of malaria, caused by Plasmodium falciparum.This fatal malaria causes Black water fever with intra vascular haemolysis with haematuria.

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