Hello Students: DAY- 27 Evening Coffee with NEET



16.Which contraceptive device usage has increased in recent years due to its additional benefit of protecting the user from contracting STDs and AIDS?
= Condoms
17.Which contraceptive method is regarded as the most cost effective and easily  reversible method of contraception?
= Cu- T
18.The latest technique to  produce a child is GIFT .The full form is ___.
= Gametic intra fallopian transfer
19.Oral contraceptive pills contain___.
= Progesterone and Estrogen combination.
20.LNG-20 is ____ releasing IUD.
= Hormone
21.World Population Day is __
= 11th July
22.In the rhythm method of  birth control,the couple refrains from intercourse____ days before and after ovulation.
= Three
23.Which method of contraception has maximum chances of failure?
= Periodic abstinence.
24.Which hormone is maintained at high level during hormonal method of birth control?
= Progesterone
25.The diaphragm is a rubber dome structure and stops the sperms from entering into ___
= Cervix
26.Which is the most widely used method of contraception by females in India ?
= IUDs
27.According to 2011 census, the population growth rate was nearly__
= 2%
28.Which is a World's first non- hormonal oral contraceptive pill for females, developed by scientists at Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) in Lucknow,India ?
= Saheli
29."Nirodh" in India is a popular brand of __.
= Condom for male.
30.Which are the Sexually transmitted infections ( STI) are caused by bacteria?
= Chlamydia,Gonorrhoea and Syphilis.

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