Hello Students: DAY- 27 Morning Coffee with NEET


1.The eyes of potato are:
= Axillary buds
2.At which stage of HIV infection does one usually show symptoms of AIDS?
= When HIV replicates rapidly in Helper T lymphocytes and damages large number of them.
3.where will you look for the Sporozoites of the malarial parasite?.
= Saliva of infected female Anopheles Mosquito.
4.What we call the metabolic process in which substrate is oxidised without an external electron acceptor?
= Fermentation
5.In eukaryotic cell transcription,RNA splicing and RNA capping take place inside the ____.
= Nucleus
6.Wind pollution is common in __.
= Grasses
7.The flower of tulip is a modified____.
= Shoot
8.which are the economically important insects?
= Apis,Bombyx and Laccifer.
9.Limulus is an example for ____.
= Living fossil
10.Hookworms belongs to the phylum___.
= As Helminthes(or) Nemathelminthes
11.MTPs are considered relatively safe upto_____weeks of  pregnancy.
= 12
12.Surrogate mother is____.
= Future mother with embryo implanted from other.
13.Which are the natural method of contraception?
= Periodic abstinence, Withdrawal method and Lactational amenorrhea.
14.Lactational amenorrhea, is a natural way to increase inter pregnancy interval.It is due to the high level of ___.
= Prolactin
15.Which one of the contraceptive methods has the highest failure rate ?
= Rhythm method

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