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1.Do animals have blood types?

= Yes they do ! Humans are usually one of four main types(although 35 have been identified for us ).13 types have been identified for dogs,8 for horses, 3 for cats and  11 major blood group system in cattle( A,B,C,F,J,L,M,R,S,T and Z).A - type antigen have been found in Chimpanzee and in Gibbons,A,B and AB antigen in Orangutans.

2.Why nucleus is absent in human RBC(or) Erythrocytes?

= It simply allows the red blood cells to have more haemoglobin and to transfer more oxygen.The unique biconcave shape of RBC which  helps in diffusion.The absence of Endoplasmic reticulum and Mitochondria,is to accommodate maximum space for Haemoglobin.

3.Why "Plasmid " an important tool in biotechnology experiments?

= Plasmids are important tools in biotechnological experiments because they act as Vector (or ) vehicle for introducing foreign DNA in to the host cell.They have ability to replicate in host cell.

4.Plasmids are boon to the biologists? Why ?

= As it can replicate within a bacterial cell like E coli ,it is  used as a Vector in r- DNA technology.This technology helps  in production of human insulin called HUMULIN.

5.What is the advantage of Plasmids to the Bacteria?

= In nature, Plasmids often carry genes that benefit the survival of the bacterium and confer selective advantage such as Antibiotic resistance.

6.What is the advantage of using ECOSAN Toilets?

= Conserve water through the use of dry ECOSAN(Ecological sanitation) Toilets (waterless model) as compared to the conventional flesh toilets.Increases the organic content of the soil and reduces the demand of irrigation water.

7.How Bio-Toilets works in Railway?

= Human wastes is collected and processed by anaerobic bacteria that converts it mainly into water and bio-gases mainly Methane and Carbon dioxide.Microbial inoculum contains anaerobic bacteria belongs to four different clusters namely hydrolytic ,acidogenic ,acetogenic and methanogenic bacterial groups.Advantage in this is,it does not require external energy inputs.

8.Why dialyzer is called as "Artificial Kidney"?

= The dialyzer ia a mechanical device used to remove the Nitrogenous waste products such as Creatinine and urea from the patients blood just like kidneys ,so it is called as Artificial Kidney".

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