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                                BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION


·      World Forest Day: 21st March.

·      World Water Day: 22nd March.

·      World Earth Day: 22nd April.

·      World Environment Day: 5th June.

·      World Animal Day: 3rd October.

·      World Habitat Day: 4th October.

·      Wildlife Week: First week of October (Monday to Sunday)

·      World Conservation Day: 3rd December.

·      Biological Diversity Day: 29th December.

·      First Wildlife Magazine: “Indian wildlife” was published by Jim Corbelt in the early 1930.

·      The “Hailey National Park” in Uttar Pradesh (now Uttarakhand) was renamed as Corbett National Park in 1935.

·      The First Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 by a group of people of America to draw attention to the increasing environmental problems caused by humans on earth.

·      Guru Jambheshwarji has given 29 principles-bish+no(20+9), hence his followers are called Bishnoi( An Indian religious sector) has commandments prohibiting felling of green trees and killing animals.

Mr. A. KINGSLIN M.Sc, BEd, Phd,(doing)
Post Graduate Teacher in Botany
St. Mary Goretty Hr. Sec School, Manalikarai 
Kanyakumari district

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