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                                BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION


·      Biodiversity- The variety and variability among living organisms and ecological complexes in which they occur (or) The totality of genes, species and ecosystem of a region.

·      Biosphere Reserve: A protected area where multiple use of the land is permitted by dividing it into certain zones (or) A special category of protected areas of land or coastal environments, wherein people are an integral component of the system.

·      Botanochemicals: Derivative chemicals synthesized from plant products.

·      Conservation: The national management and care for the biosphere to avoid creation of imbalance resulting in the destruction of habitats and the extinction of species.

·      Cryopreservation: Storage of living materials at ultra low temperature (ie., -1960C in liquid nitrogen.

·      Endemic Species: The species which are confined to a particular country.

·      Extinction: The elimination of a species.

·      Exotic Species (Alien Species): A species introduced in a country from another country.

·      Hot Spots: The richest and the most threatened reservoirs of plant and animal life on earth.

·      Megadiversity Zones: The regions of the earth, which harbour a very large number of species.

·      National Parks: A protected area aimed at the betterment of wildlife, where human activities are not permitted.

·      Red Data Book (Red List): Book list containing a record of threatened species.

·      Sanctuary: A protected area aimed at the conservation of animals only, where certain human activities such as harvesting of timber, collection of minor forest products are permited.

·      Specification: Refers to the evolution of new species.

·      Species Richness: The number of species per unit area.

·      Wildlife: The living organisms in their natural habitats other than the cultivated plants and domesticated animals.

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