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                              CELL- THE UNIT OF LIFE


·         Smallest Human Cells: Erythrocytes 6-8µm in diameter. Blood platelets are 2-3µm in diameter but they are considered to be cell fragments instead of being cell themselves.

·         Cell Organelles without Membrane Covering: Ribosomes, Centrosome, Centriole, Nucleolus ( inside nucleus), cytoskeletal structures.

·         Cell Organelles with Single Membrane Covering: Endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, Vacuole, Lysosome, Sphaerosome, Peroxysome,Glyoxysome, Thylakoid (lamella inside chloroplast).

·         Cell organelle with Double Membrane Covering: Plastids (Leucoplast, Chloroplast, Chromoplast), Mitochondria, Nucleus.

·         Largest Organelle: Nucleus followed by mitochondrion in animal cell and chloroplast in photosynthetic plant cell.

·         Smallest Organelle: Ribosome.

·         GERL: Golgi body, Endoplasmic reticulum and Lysosome complex.

·         GER: Golgi body, Endoplasmic and Reticulum complex.


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