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                              CELL- THE UNIT OF LIFE


·         Agranal Chloroplast: Chloroplasts having thylakoids that do not form grana as in algae.

·         Active Transport: A method in which a cell transports material by expending energy.

·         Antiport: Counter transport of two solutes across a membrane in opposite direction.

·         Bioplast: A term originally used for a mitochondrion by Altman (1890).

·         Cell Biology: The study of organization and functioning of cell.

·         Cytology: The study of cell with the help of light microscope.

·         Cyclosis: Constant movement of cytoplasm around the vacuole/vacuoles.

·         Co-transport: Transport of a molecule and an ion together across a membrane by a single carrier protein.

·         Differentially Permeable: A selectively permeable membrane that allows some particles to pass through and prevent others at the same time.

·         Ergastoplasm: A term originally used for granular endoplasmic reticulum by Granier (1897).

·         Ergasome: Another term for a polyribosome.

·         Electrochemical: The difference of electrical charges and concentration of the ions present on two sides of a membrane.

·         Golgi-ER-Lysosome (GERL): A region of Golgi maturating face, thought to be involved in the production of lysosomes and/ or pre secretory granules.

·         MTOCs: Microtubule organizing centre.

·         Nucleolar Organizer: Chromosomal region that contains the genes for ribosomes RNAs and induces formation of nucleolus.

·         Osmotic Potential: It is the capacity of a solution to take in water from the other side of a semi- permeable membrane.

·         Organelles: Organised protoplasmic subunits having specific functions.

·         Totipotency: The ability of a somatic cell to form a complete organism.

·         Turgidity: A state of a plant cell when the cells protoplast exerts pressure on the cell wall due to endosmosis.


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