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 Anatomy of Flowering Plants


v  N.Grew (1682): Father of Plant Anatomy; coined the terms ‘tissue’ and ‘parenchyma’.

v  Negeli (1858): Gave the terms meristem, xylem and phloem.

v  Schlieden (1839): Coined the term ‘collenchyma’.

v  Harting (1839): Discovered sieve tube.

v  Methenium (1805): Discovered and gave the term ‘sclerenchyma’.

v  Sanio (1863): Discovered and gave the term trachied.

v  Angiosperms without Vessels: Members of family Winteraceae, Tetracentraceae and Trochodendraceae.

v  Gymnosperm with Vessels: Members of group Gnetales.

v  Pteridophytes with Vessels: Occasional in species Selaginella, Dryopteris, Marselia, etc

v  Endodermoid: Endodermis of young stem when it lacks casparian strips.

v  Knot: A wound or base of a fallen branch covered by the growth of secondary tissues around it.

v  Schizogenous Cavity: Cavity formed by the separation of cells or enlargement of intercellular spaces.

v  Lysiogenous Cavity: Cavity formed by the degeneration of cells.

v  Most Durable Wood: Teak (Tectona grandis).

v  Most Durable Softwood: Cedrus deodara.

v  Heaviest Wood: Guaiacum officinale: In India Acacia sundra.

v  Lightest Wood: Ochroma pyramidale (=O.lagopus).


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