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 Anatomy of Flowering Plants


·    Abscission: A process in which an organ is detached from a plant by means of physiological mechanism.

v  Acticlinal: Perpendicular to the nearest surface of an organ.

v  Annual Ring: Ring of xylem in wood which indicates an annual increment of growth in trees growing in temperate regions.

v  Bifacial Leaf: A leaf having structurally distinct upper and lower surface.

v  Bordered Pit: A pit in a tracheid or vessel member having a distinct rim of the cell wall overarching the pit membrane.

v  Casparian Strip: A band around each endodermal cell in which the radial and transverse cell walls are impregnated with suberin.

v  Cutinization: Impregnation of cell wall with a substance called cutin.

v  Differentiation: Developmental change of a cell tissue or organ, leading to features that support the performance of specialized functions.

v  Heartwood: The central wood of old secondary stems that is plugged with resins and tyloses, and is not active.

v  Isobilateral Leaf: A leaf having the upper and lower surfaces and anatomy essentially similar.

v  Isodiametric: Having diameters equal in all directions, as a ball.

v  Leaf Scar: Characteristic scar on stem axis made after leaf abscission.

v  Lignin: A polymeric substance formed by linking together molecules derived from coniferyl alcohol.

v  Lenticel: A structure of the bark that permits the passage of inward and outward.

v  Pectin: A class of polymers of the cell wall that are built chiefly of partially oxidized sugars.

v  Plasmodesmata: Fine protoplasmic strands connecting the protoplasm of adjacent cells.

v  Sapwood: Peripheral wood of old secondary stem that actively transport the sap.

v  Simple Pit: A pit not surrounded by an overarching border.

v  Suberin: A waxy material found in cell walls or cork tissue and endodermis.

v  Tylosis (PI.Tyloses): A growth of one cell into the cavity of another.


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