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v   Bionomial Nomenclature: The system of providing appropriate and distinct names consisting of two words, to the organisms. The first word stands for the genus and the second for the species.

v   Category: An abstract term that represents a rank or a level of grouping of organisms.

v   Correlated Characters: These are common features of different groups of living organisms.

v   Key: It is a device to which a biologist can refer in order to reach at the correct identification of a species.

v   Phylogeny: The study of the evolutionary history of a species or a group of species.

v   Phylogenetics:  A biological classification concerned with reconstruction of evolutionary history and the history of speciation.

v   Species: A group of structurally and genetically similar organisms which can interbreed freely in nature.

v   Systematics: It is the study of kind and diversity of organisms and relationship amongst them.

v   Taxon: A group of real organisms, which are placed in a specific category.

v   Taxonomy: The science of identification, nomenclature and classification of the organisms.


v  National Park:

                     1. The first national park in the world , the Yellowstone National Park was established on March 1st , 1872 in USA.

                2. The first national park in India was founded in 1935. It was named Hailey National Park/Ramganga National Park, which was later named as Corbett National Park

                3. Keibul Lamajo National Park, Manipur is the world’s only floating National Park.

                4. Gir National Park, Gujarat is famous for the Asiatic lions.

                5. Kaziranga National Park. In Assam and is famous for one horned Rhinoceros of India.

                6. Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Bharatpur, Rajasthan was once the duck shooting ground of a king.


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