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 ·               Gross Primary Productivity (GPP): The rate at which energy captured of organic matter synthesized by the producers per unit area per unit time.

·               Hydrach: Succession occurring in water bodies.

·               Macrophytes: Rooted plants found in shallow water.

·               Net Primary Productivity (NPP): The rate at which energy of organic matter stored by producers in their bodies per unit area unit time.

·               Nutrient Immobilization: Incorporation of soil nutrients in living microbes making them temporarily unavailable to other organisms.

·               Phagotrophs: Heterotrophic organisms, mostly animals, which generally ingest and swallow their food.

·               Photosynthetically Active Rediation (PAR): Refers to visible light or effective radiation for photosynthetic activity of the producers.

·               Pioneer Organisms: The organisms which inhabit a bare substratum and lay the foundation for the succession of biotic community.

·               Primary Succession: Ecological succession on a surface where original community has been destroyed.

·               Production Ecology: Refers to the study of biomass production by the organisms.

·               Productivity: The rate of biomass or organic matter production by the organisms.

·               Sod Formers: The grasses which form a solid mat of grass cover.

·               Secondary Productivity: The rate of increase in the biomass of heterotrophs per unit area per unit time.

·               Standing Crop: The amount of the living material present in different trophic levels at a given time.

·               Stratification: Formation of different layers or strata of different species in a community.

·               Transducers: Photosynthetic autotrophs which convert solar energy into chemical bond energy of organic compounds.

·               Winogradsky(1891): Discovered nitrogen fixation.


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