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·               Aboriculture: Cultivation and management of individual specimens of ornamental trees.

·               Agroecosystem: Anthropogenic or manmade ecosystem, basically agricultural fields.

·               Biogeochemicals (Biogenetic Nutrients): The elements provided by the earth to the living organisms.

·               Biogeochemical Cycle: Movement or circulation of biogenetic nutrients through the living and non-living components of the biosphere or any ecosystem.

·               Biotic Community: A group of different populations inhabiting in a common environment and interacting with one another.

·               Biotic Succession: The change in biotic communities in an orderly sequence in an area resulting in establishment of stable or climax community.

·               Canopy: The part of woodland or forest community that is formed by the trees.

·               Coldest Place: Antartic with air temperature of -880C. Second coldest is Dhar (India) with temperature of -720C.

·               Detritivores: Detritus feeding invertebrates which breakdown detritus into small pieces.

·               Detritus: Dead plant parts and animal remains.

·               Ecological Efficiencies: The ratio between the energy assimilated over the energy available between two trophic levels.

·               Ecosystem: A segment of nature consisting of communities of living beings and physical environment which interact and exchange materials between them.

·               Food chain: The transfer of energy from one trophic level to the next trophic level through a series of organisms with repeated eating and being eaten.

·               Food Web: A network of food chains, which are interconnected at various trophic levels. So as to form a number of feeding connections amongst different organisms of an ecosystem.


Mr. A. KINGSLIN M.Sc, BEd, Phd,(doing)
Post Graduate Teacher in Botany
St. Mary Goretty Hr. Sec School, Manalikarai 
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