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    ·               Actin Filaments: Contain thin protein actin, from I-band and extent into A-band in                                            striated muscle fibres.

·               Aestivation: Also called summer sleep; The condition of rest during summer in some         cold blooded animals like frog.

·               Adipocytes: Large spherical or oval cells almost entirely filled with fat granules.

·               Anaemia: A condition when RBC count fall below normal.

·               Axolemma: The membrane enclosing the axoplasm in a neuron.

·               Chondrocytes: Also called cartilage cell formed by chondroblasts.

·               Fibroblasts: Cells that produce the fibres and matrix in the connective tissue.

·               Goblet Cells: Mucus producing cells interspersed in cuboidal and columnar epithelium.

·               Haversian Canal: Form a central canal in a Haversian canal system in long bones.

·               Mesenchyma: All the tissues of adult body which are derived from mesoderm.

·               Myosin Filament: Filament containing thick protein myosin.

·               Neurilemma: The outermost continuous covering of the neuron, infact, it is the plasma     membrane of Schwann cells.

·               Neurogila Cells: Non-nervous part of the nerve tissue, which fills up the interneuron         spaces.

·               Ootheca: An egg case of animals like earthworm, cockroach etc.

·               Polycythemia: An abnormal rise of erythrocyte count.

·               Sarcomere: An area between two Z lines in a myofibril.

·               Volkman’s Canals: Transverse canals that interconnect various Haversian canal    together.


·         Kinesiology: The scientific study of body movements.

·         Skin is the largest body organ and performs largest number of functions. So it is called ‘Jacks of all trades.

·         Periplaneta Americana is commonly called ‘American cockroach’, ‘Bombay canary’ or ‘Ship cockroach’.

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