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  ·            Acromegaly: Enlargement of hands, feet and jaws and giving man gorilla-like appearance. It is caused due to hypersecretion of growth hormone (GH) after adolescence.

·            Addison’s Disease: A disorder caused due to deficiency of cortisol and aldosterone,resulting in a bronze like pigmentation of skin,low blood sugar and low plasma sodium.

·            Cretinism: A disorder caused in children due to deficiency of thyroid hormones.

·            Cushing’s syndrome: A disorder caused due to excessive secretion of cortisol from adrenal cortex.

·            Diabetes Insipidus: A disease characterized by the elimination of large quantity of hypotonic urine due to decreased absorption of water by the kidney tubules because of failure to secretion of vasopression or ADH.

·            Dwarfism: A condition of a person with less growth caused due to deficiency of growth hormone (GH).

·            Endocrine Glands: The glands which lack ducts and pour their secretions (hormones) directly into the blood.

·            Eunuchoidism: A condition in a male characterized by underdeveloped secondary male sex characters caused due to failure of testosterone secretion.

·            Gigantism: Abnormal elongation of long bones results due to hypersecretion of growth hormone (GH) during early years of development.

·            Grave’s Disease (Exophthalmic Goitre): An auto-immune disorder in which the person produces antibodies that mimic the action of TSH, resulting in thyroid enlargement and bulging of eyeballs.

·            Gynaecomastia: The development of breast tissues in male due to perturbation of estrogen to androgen ratio.

·            Hypothyroidism: Decreased activity of thyroid gland leads to less secretion of thyroxine due to deficiency of iodine resulting into simple goiter.  

·            Hyperthyroidism: Increased activity of thyroid gland leads to increased secretion of thyroxine resulting in exophthalmic goitre or Grave’s disease.

·            Hypogonadism: A disorder arising due to defects ⁄injury to the hypothalamus, pituitary or testes ⁄ovary.

·            Myxoedema: A disorder caused by deficiency of thyroid hormones in adults where the cardinal symptom is oedema (swollen and fluffy face).

·            Precocious Puberty: Sexual maturation of ovary ⁄testes at an early age, i.e., before the age of ten in boys and nine in girls.

·            Tetany (Muscle Spasms): Sustained contractions of the muscles of larynx, face, hands, and feet due to low level of parathormone.


·            Oral Contraceptive Pills: These contain synthetic estrogen and progesterone at a dose high enough to prevent ovulation.

·            Baldness: Male sex hormone promotes baldness, while female hormones inhibit it.

·            Pheromones: The chemicals released by some exocrine glands of same animals into the environment and affect the behaviour of other individual of the same species.

·            Trophic (Tropic) Hormones: The hormones which stimulate other endocrine gland to release its hormone.

·            Thomas Addison: Called the ‘Father of Endocrinology’.

·            Four Ss’’: Standing one for ‘salt’, ‘sugar’, ‘sex’ and ‘stress’ refer to adrenal glands. As adrenal glands control salt and sugar metabolism, development of sex and stress reactions.

·            Triple ‘F’ Gland: Adrenal gland due to its role in flight, fight and fright.

·            World Diabetes Day: 14th November

·            Iodine Deficiency Disorder Day (IDD Day): 21st October.

·            Gastational Diabetes: A temporary phase of diabetes during pregnancy

·            Gravidex Test: Involves testing of HCG of placenta in the urine to test the pregnancy.

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