Coffee with NEET Day - 1

 Specified Branches of Biology. 

Acarology- study of mites and ticks. 

Agriculture- science of farming, raising crops and animal husbandry. 

Angiology- study of blood vascular system including veins and arteries. 

Anthology- study of flowers. 

Bacteriology- study of bacteria. 

Bryology- study of mosses and liverworts. 

Cardiology- study of heart. 

Dermatology- study of skin covering the body. 

Epidemiology- study of infection of parasites or epidemic diseases. 

Ethnology- study of different races of mankind. 

Etiology- study of cause of disease. 

Gerontology- study of growing old. 

Gynaecology- study of female reproductive organs. 

Haematology- study of blood. 

Hepatology- study of liver. 

Kalology- study of human beauty. 

Leprology- study of leprosy. 

Molecular biology- study of life sciences on molecular level. 

Myrmecology- study of ants and anteaters. 

Nematology- study of nematodes. 

Nephrology- study of kidney. 

Neurology- study of nervous system including brain. 

Oncology- study of tumours. 

Oology- study of eggs of birds. 

Ornithology- study of birds. 

Osteology- study of bones. 

Palaeontology- study of fossils and their distribution. 

Pomology- study of fruit. 

Rhinology- study of nose and olfactory organs. 

Serology- study of serum, study of antigen- antibody reaactions. 

Serpentology- study of snakes. 

Termitology- study of  termites. 

Toxicology- study of toxic effects of drugs and harmful compounds. 

Therapeutics- science of healing. 

Trophology- study of nutrition. 

Virology- study of viruses. 

Zoophytology- study of drifting organisms such as diatoms. 

Zymology- study of fermentation processes. 

Dr. A. KINGSLIN M.Sc, BEd, Phd

Post Graduate Teacher in Botany
St. Mary Goretty Hr. Sec School, Manalikarai 
Kanyakumari district

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