Coffee with NEET Day - 2

 Fathers of various sciences 

Father of zoology and Biology and founder of Embryology- Aristotle. 

Father of Botany- Theophrastus. 

Father of Genetics- G. J. Mendel. 

Father of evolutionary ideas- Empedocles. 

Father of Eugenics- Francis Galton. 

Father of Mutation- Hugo de Vries. 

Father of Modern Embryology- Karl Ernst Von Baer. 

Father of Palaeontology- Leonardo da Vinci. 

Father of taxonomy- Carolus Linnaeus. 

Father of special creation theory- Father Saurez. 

Father of blood groups- K. Landsteiner. 

Father of blood circulation- William Harvey. 

Father of comparative Anatomy- G. Cuvier. 

Father of modern genetics- W. Bateson. 

Father of human genetics- Archibald Garrod. 

Father of Medicine- Hippocrates. 

Father of Microbiology- Leeuwenhoek. 

Father of Immunology- Edward Jenner.  

Dr. A. KINGSLIN M.Sc, BEd, Phd

Post Graduate Teacher in Botany
St. Mary Goretty Hr. Sec School, Manalikarai 
Kanyakumari district

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