Coffee with NEET Day - 17

Monera (Prokaryotes)

 Tips and Tricks 

 1. Pasteurization. 

Kills all non endospore forming bacteria. 

2. Insulin is the first hormone which obtained from genetically engineered bacteria. 

3. Free living N2 fixing bacteria- Azotobacter and polymyxa. 

4. Clostridium butylicum has been used in the synthesis of vitamin B. 

5. Commensals. 

Those microorganism which are living in large intestine of human and that feed on undigested food without harming the host are termed as commensals.

6. External DNA enters in bacteria through mesosomes. 

7. In bacteria flagella may be present, PS- II absent, photosynthesis is a nonoxygenic. 

8. Flagella of Salmonella bacteria contain H- antigens. 

9. Chemically E. Coli has about 70% H2O, 15% proteins, 6% RNA, 1% DNA, 2% Lipid, 3% carbohydrates etc. 

10. Hay bacteria is Bacillus subtilis. 

11. Deodorants have salts of Zn and Al which kill bacteria causing odour. 

12. Alternation of generations is absent in bacteria due to absence of meiosis and syngamy. 

13. Antibiotics. 

Streptomycin- streptomyces griseus

Actidine- streptomyces griseus

Chloromycetin- streptomyces venezuelae

Tetracycline- streptomyces aureofaciens

Terramycin- streptomyces rimosus

Erythromycin- streptomyces erythraeus

Neomycin- streptomyces fradiae

Amphomycin- streptomyces carus

Trichomycin- streptomyces hachijoensis

Viomycin- streptomyces floridae

Bacitracin- Bacillus subtilis

Gramicidin- Bacillus brevis

Tyrothricin- Bacillus brevis

Polymyxin- Bacillus polymyxa

14. Spirochaetes. 

These are free inhabitants of mud and water, and are chemoheterotrophic unicellular bacteria. 

These are spiral or helicoid in shape, covered by flexible cell wall and swim actively with flagella present at both pole or ends. 

Many diseases are caused by them as Treponema pallidum causes syphilis, Leptospira causes infectious jaundice and Borrelia causes relapsing fever. 

Besides some spirochaetes are found in teeth.

Dr. A. KINGSLIN M.Sc, BEd, Phd

Post Graduate Teacher in Botany
St. Mary Goretty Hr. Sec School, Manalikarai 
Kanyakumari district

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